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Shine Bright Care Introduces the “Day Hab” Program!

What is the Day Hab program?

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Shine Bright Care Introduces the DAY HAB Program!

Shine Bright Care Introduces the DAY HAB Program!

Day habilitation services may be provided to assist recipients to acquire, retain, and improve the self-help, socialization, and adaptive skills necessary to live successfully in home and community-based settings. These services must provide supervision and a secure environment for recipients, may be planned to reinforce skills or lessons taught in other settings, and may include both individual and group activities.

While day habilitation services may be offered in a variety of settings in the community and are not limited to fixed-site facilities, the environment in which they are provided must be appropriate for delivery of the services in a manner that will contribute to accomplishing goals specified in the recipient’s plan of care. These services must be provided in non-residential settings separate from the recipient’s private residence or another residential living arrangement unless the provider is granted a waiver regarding the setting.

Who is it best suited for?

Individuals who has an approve Level of care and approved Plan of care with day habilitation services in their plan of care. There are four waivers in the state of Alaska. Only three of the waiver category can received Day habilitation services. The three waivers are:

  1. IDD Waiver- Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Waiver
  2. APDD Waiver – Adults with Physical and Developmental Disabilities Waiver
  3. CCMC waiver- Children with Complex Medical Condition

How do families inquire?

To inquire about our day habilitation activities please contact the office at 907-346-6200.

When can it start?

Day habilitation activities can start as soon as a client has services with Shine Bright Care.

Where does it take place?

Activities are individually tailored to meet the needs of the person served. Client participate and choose the activities of their choice for individual activities. Group activities are coordinated by Shine Bright Care. There will be signup sheet for the group activities, depending on the list of participants, activities may change without notice.

Examples of activities and this is not all inclusive list;

Individual Activity

  • Alaska Club
  • YMCA
  • Music classes
  • Dance Classes
  • Chuck E. Cheese’s
  • Get Air
  • Shockwave
  • Art class
  • Bricks 4 Kids
  • Special Request (Approve by Executive Director)

Group Activity

  • Visit the Zoo
  • Visit the Glaciers
  • Visit the Museum
  • Alaska Railroad
  • BBQ at the Park
  • Movie Nights
  • Visit Imaginaries
  • Sightseeing Tours
  • And Many More

What does it include?

Shine Bright Care will pay for all the cost of the activities for the client. Individual purchase and desires will require personal spending money from the client.

What else do I need to know?

All client will be accompanying by their individual staff for all activities. Shine Bright Care will make every effort to assure we partner with businesses that understand the needs of our population served and that Staff are not charged to participate in activities while working with their client. Shine Bright care will make accommodation as needed.

Who do I contact?

Shine Bright Care, LLC 907-346-6200 attention Lou Saeteurn Executive Director

Is it just for kids?

Day habilitation services are for anyone who has a current approve plan of care with day habilitation services. It can be a child, teen or an adult.

Do the kids have to have special needs?

Currently the activities are only available to Shine Bright Clients. To receive day habilitation services, you need to have an approve level of care and a Plan of care approved by the state of Alaska Senior and Disability Services.

Where did this idea come from?

Shine Bright Care recognized that sometimes our client cannot afford to finance activities that they are interested in. We want to help our client experience their community more and participate in activities of their choice.

Who pays for it?

Shine Bright Care will pay for all the cost of the activities for the client. Individual purchase and desires will require personal spending money from the client.

How much does it cost?

For individual activities, clients have a max spending of 50 dollars a month to any activities or membership of their choice. Clients may change activities at any time if they do not like the activity that they chose. No activity is to exceed 50 dollars a month. Some activities may be less expensive then 50. For group activities Shine Bright Care will cover all cost for any activities aside from the clients personal spending and desire while at the activities.

Client is responsible for all personal spending while at the activity. Shine bright care is only covering the cost of the activity. Staff will attend all client to the activity of their choice. Staff is responsible for working with the client during these activities if the activities is during the work schedule of the staff and the client. If staff is off schedule and client is with family or guardian, it’s the responsibility of the family and or guardian to monitor for and supervise for safety.

For more information on this unique and exciting program, call today! Shine Bright Care, LLC:  907-346-6200 attention Lou Saeteurn Executive Director


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Baykham Keodouangdy - Program Administrator

Program Administrator at Shine Bright Care
Baykham Keodouangdy - Program Administrator

In reflecting on this journey, my home care career, I cannot help but think of my parents. I assisted alongside my sister, to care for them during their last years. Both mother and father had suffered a stroke, heart attacks, diabetes, dementia, hypertension and many more complications that I cannot even imagine going through.

Life as a caregiver was not easy but it was something that you just had to do, especially for your parents. Both my parents needed full-time 24-7 care, meaning they could not do anything for themselves. Every day my sister would care for them, whether it was assisting them to medical appointments, cooking and cleaning, bathing and showering, or transferring from wheelchair to bed. It was their complete care for all activities of daily living.

I think of my parents often. My father passed in 2012 and my mother recently passed in 2015. I would give anything to have them back. That would be selfish to say, as it would have meant them suffering and not living a full life. I know they are in heaven smiling down.

With the experience of caring for my parents, I was able to secure a job as a direct support professional. I was later offered a job as a case manager and excelled to become a team leader. Gradually I was promoted to being a care coordinator and from then on, I just knew this was meant for me.

This is my calling; this is my life’s purpose. I went on to experience greater things in this field of Human Services. To care and help individuals and families find support and services needed to navigate the system to meet their needs, is such an honor and rewarding experience to be involved in.

I look back, and a decade has passed since I started and it is now 2017. I would love to thank my parents for giving me the opportunity to have the experience of caring for them and go on to do something great with helping others find care and support in the community.

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