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Thank you for your interest in Shine Bright Care, LLC Therapeutic Foster Care (TFC) program. The State of Alaska, Office of Children’s Services has licensed Shine Bright Care, LLC (SBC) as a Child Placement Agency. This means that we recruit and license child foster homes for Severely Emotionally Disturbed (SED), Developmental/Intellectual disability and behavioral children enrolled in services with SBC. Children served are ages three (3) years to nineteen (19) years of age, however, most are between 7 years and 18 years of age. All children in services at SBC have severe behavioral or emotional problems. SBC will license and train you to take care of these children in your home. SBC may also provide additional services to the foster child such as community and case management. As a foster parent you are part of the treatment team for the foster child. The goal is to help the child be successful in school and living in a community setting, learning acceptable behaviors.

Licensing process:
Contact the Foster Care Recruiter at (907) 346-6200 to complete the inquiry form.
SBC will do a background check and sex offender check for all person age 16+ in your home, and on persons who visit your foster home regularly.

If you pass the background check, a SBC application is mailed to you.

Upon receipt of the completed application, the Foster Care Department will review your information to determine suitability with our agency.

At this time, you may receive a phone call from a SBC Licensing Specialist to conduct an interview with your family in your home. If declined, you will receive a letter from us that we have determined your home is not a good match with our agency.

SBC reviews your application and interview information for further suitability.

If accepted, extensive paperwork and forms are required for licensure as well as fingerprints and pre-service training such as Pressley Ridge that meet the states CORE requirements.

Thirty hours of ongoing training is required annually for each foster parent, as well as an annual TB test, annual physical, MAB training certification, CPR and 1st Aide training. Fire drills are completed monthly and with each new child in placement.

Most of our children have multiple appointments each week, doctors, treatment team meetings, medication reviews, IEP meetings at the schools, and you will need to be available able to transport and attend these appointments.

You will need the ability to complete data entry daily into the SBC computer system. You will enter Medicaid progress notes on each foster child’s progress working towards their treatment goals while living in your foster home.

Good communication is required as well as an ability to be patient and caring with the children in your care.

Please call (907) 346-6200 if you are interested in becoming a therapeutic foster parent to Alaska’s children in need of out of home care.

Thank you, 
Baykham Keodouangdy, Program Administrator 
(907) 346-6200
Shine Bright Care, LLC is a member of the Family Focused Treatment Association (FFTA).

Our Care Services Include:




Accompany to appointments

Provide transportation

Activities including cards, games, TV, etc.

Emotional support

Personal Care

Personal hygiene and grooming




Hair and nail care

Medication reminders


Incontinence care

Support Services

Light housekeeping/laundry

Pet care/Dog walking

Gift wrapping for the holidays

Drop-in services

Wake up/Tuck in services

Telephone reassurance

1 on 1 private duty care in hospitals, nursing homes, assisted livings, etc.


Meal preparation


Encourage/Restrict diet


Assistance with walking

Turning/Positioning in bed


Assistance with exercise programs

Live in Care

Live in care is charged at a daily rate regardless of the care needed.

Hourly Care

Hourly care requires a minimum of two hours. Hourly services include all the list above and more depending on your need and care plan. Rates of services is dependent on the care need.

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