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Easy Ways to Cook a Nutritious Meal When You’re Pressed for Time

When it comes to making sure your elderly parent has healthy dinner options, you don’t have to struggle. There are easy ways to cook nutritious meals that don’t take long.


Caregiver in Eagle River AK: Quick Nutritious Meals

Caregiver in Eagle River AK: Quick Nutritious Meals


Keep These Kitchen Items on Hand


Start by making sure your parent’s kitchen has the right tools. A slow cooker is essential. With a slow cooker, all your mom or dad has to do is turn it on. If you’re worried they’ll forget to turn it off, a slow cooker with remote technology is a lifesaver. Package ingredients in Ziploc bags to make it easy for your parent to add to the crock in the morning for a day of slow cooking.


Look into casserole dishes that have a snap-on lid. You could go to a restaurant supply store and purchase disposable baking dishes, too. There are pros and cons with these. They don’t require cleaning, which is easier on your parent, but they are not great for the environment. You’ll need to decide what’s best for your family. You’ll need to note the cooking instructions somewhere.


Invest in foil or parchment bags, too. You’ll be able to put all necessary ingredients for a healthy meal into the freezer. Your mom or dad simply has to pop them into the oven and bake them for whatever time you write down. Freezer tape makes it easy to label what’s in the bag, what temperature to use, and how long to cook it for.


Prepare Multiple Meals at a Time

When you’re visiting on the weekend, set up a week’s worth of meals for your mom or dad. You can talk about their favorite meals, take them shopping for ingredients, and prep them when you return.

Mix the meals to ensure there’s a variety. Have a couple of casseroles in casserole dishes or foil pans, a few Crockpot meals, and some that get baked in oven-safe bags.


Hire Someone Else

If all else fails, hire a caregiver to cook your mom and dad’s meals for them. Some seniors do not like to eat alone. If no one is around, they’d rather grab snack foods that are easy to eat while watching TV or reading a book. Caregivers share a meal with your parent, so they’re more likely to eat healthier options.

Learn more about meal preparation opens by calling your local home care agency. Home care professionals can walk you through the best schedule and services for your parent’s needs.


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