I am very happy that i started working for Shine Bright Care because it has given me the opportunity to help others and watch them obtain the goals that has been set. I've bane fated by getting the understanding that there is help out there for people with special needs. The thing that prompter me to seek Shine Bright Care was the staff and their ability to communicate with the people they are providing services to since I am caring for a child who has a parent that can't fluent in English and has a hard time understanding Baykham has been great because he speaks the same language. I believe that working with shine bright care has been successful because the staff has always been very helpful with any questions that I had and they are always willing to help.

Somchai Sayasounthone

Direct Support Professional

I have been working with Shine Bright Care since they began operating in 2016. I chose Shine Bright Care because of the reputation of their staff. I've worked with other companies, and of them all, Shine Bright Care is the most genuine, especially in regards to supporting their clients as well as their employees who care for their clients. Shine Bright Care has proven to me that they care about their clients. Shine Bright Care is a company who delivers on their promises. I have had no complaints since working with Shine Bright Care and I would recommend them to anyone considering a company to work with to improve the lives of others.


Direct Support Professional

I met Bay while he was working as a case manager for another company. We built a solid relationship as Bay is easy to work with and he goes out of his way to help people like me. Bay helped match me with staff that is compatible to my needs. When other people on my team were barely trying to help me get my chair, Bay went above and beyond to make sure I got a nice new chair that met my needs, and he made it happen quickly. So of course when I heard Bay was leaving the company I had to follow him to Shine Bright Care. It was an easy transition and he matched me up once again with staff that is compatible to me! I love to travel. In the past when I worked with other companies, they made it very difficult to travel. With Shine Bright Care, not only am I able to travel, I have also the support I need while I am away from home. I trust Shine Bright Care to meet my needs and I am happy working with a company that cares about people like me.

Shine Bright Care Consumer

I had previously worked with Mr. Keodouangdy at a different agency and absolutely loved the way he gave simple, yet direct advice in me giving great care to my client``. When the guardian of my client found out that Mr. Keodouangdy has put together at Shine Bright Care that I would recommend anyone and everyone to use his company for their supported living and day hab needs.


Direct Support Professional


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